Strategic Industry-University Partners:  Success Factors from Innovative Companies Edited by Lars Frølund and Max Riedel 


The State of University-Business Cooperation in Europe.  Published in August 2018, the report is based on a large (14,000 academics and 3,000 business respondents) 2017 study covering more than 20 European countries.   Each country has an individual report, compared to the European average.

Understanding the Psychology of Collaboration: What Makes an Effective Collaborators (March 2017).  A report from the Institute for Collaborative Working (Warwick Business School) based on a 2015 study of 107 companies.

The Dowling Review of Business-University Research Collaborations  (2015)


Agreement Templates

Lambert Toolkit and Lambert AgreementsThese are the gold standard for academic-industry agreements.  The site contains models, and a very handy decision guide to help you assess the best version for your collaboration scenario.

Professional Organizations

University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) has an enormous number of resources including webinars, reports and guides.  It’s U.S.-centric (with an expanding focus on Asia) but still broadly applicable.  Quite a bit of their material is available to non-members and they have an impressively broad range of industry partners.

Praxis Auril has particularly good trainings and an excellent set of guides and templates.  They are UK-focused (and lean more academic) but their resources are globally relevant (most of it is available only to members).

ASTP Proton covers Knowledge Transfer for Europe.  They run an impressive range of trainings and offer bespoke (paid) packages for RTTP training and accreditation.  Their Videos and reports/handbooks are available to non-members.

University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) is also European and focuses less on tech transfer and more on relationships.  They have a nice range of (relatively expensive) courses and an impressive number of industry partners.